About Our Teak

Teak wood is one of the most durable woods in the world. Teak's natural oils make it resistant to weather, fungi, rot, termites and other pests. It is also very difficult to burn and can withstand harsh chemicals. Teak does not have to be treated with oil or varnish in order to remain durable. Teak ranges in color from olive to yellowish gray or a moderate brown. If it is left outside and un-oiled, it will turn a soft gray in color.

Nearly all of the commercially harvested teak is grown on teak plantations found in Indonesia. These plantations are run by Perum Perhutani, the government body that controls the largest teak farms in the world. The teak roots used in making our unique furniture come from those plantations. These roots are almost 100 years old and were once considered waste. They still exist today because it is almost impossible to burn this dense wood. Today skillful and creative artisans are turning these roots into beautiful and unique pieces of furniture that are sold in our store. These pieces will last for generations whether they are used inside or out.